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Content found on ourmodestlife.org is my intellectual property unless otherwise stated and I have sole ownership of all content not otherwise sited as someone else’s.

I do allow feedback via the comments section, however I am not responsible for any thoughts expressed in that section of this site. Bullying, vulgar language, and threats will not be tolerated and will lead to being banned from the site.

There is affiliate content here on Our Modest Life, we want you to know that we only advertise companies and/or products that we believe in.

I am not a healthcare professional and am not responsible for any health problems or injury that may arise from any remedy, recipe, or other topic posted here on Our Modest Life.

I am not responsible for content on any site I may provide a link to as I am not the administrator of that site.

I reserve the right to block anyone engaged in vulgar, threatening, or activity otherwise in conflict with the terms set forth here on Our Modest Life.


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