Modest Thoughts

I have developed a deep love for poetry and spoken word over the years. Some of my fondest memories are of nights spent sitting in a venue listening to people’s emotions and experiences poured out in meter and rhyme. This is a place to read poetry that may or may not be mine. If you have some verses feel free to send them to me via the contact page.

*Only your original content should be submitted. Pen names are allowed. Please give written consent for me to post your work at the time of submission.




Careless words are often spoken. Of the thoughtless nature of men are they a token. Careless words cannot be unspoken. Nor their damage undone.  Being found on the receiving end of careless words is desired by no one. Careless words are spoken everyday. More damage is rarely caused in any other way.

Thoughtless sentences once formed take on a life of their own. Seeds of pain and anger in the heart are sown. Gossip like wildfire spreads. Words causing damage like pulled threads. Destroying the fabric of relations. Ruined reputations. Irreparably damaged by words spoken. Unconscionable actions the beast have woken.

Words have so much power. Be careful what message you spew from the tower. Of your mind you speak. Without intending to make known that you are weak. Careless words destroy. With the emotions and lives of others do not toy. With careless words spewed to others. Falsehoods told as truths break our brothers. Bonds destroyed and characters defamed. What’s in a word, the same power as a name.

Your words define you more greatly than those you seek to describe. Think before you fly into a diatribe. Against another, thoughtless words are a gun. Bullets to the heart, damage that cannot be undone. Scar tissue lingers. Be cautious of one liners and zingers. When you are done speaking, your words reflect upon you. Were your words true? Do your words label you a liar? It is your reputation you lay upon a pyre. A reputation gone up in flames. Rarely can one reclaim. Character, good standing, faith, and trust once negatively affected. These things upon you through your words are reflected.

What’s in a name, character, integrity, and your reputation. What’s in a word, the power to defuse or incite anger in any situation. Words hold more power than any weapon of mass destruction. Words have the ability to heal and begin reconstruction. Of relationships between brothers let not havock be wrought by careless speech. Use caution with your tongue, you I beseech.


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