Steals and Deals

Hey Modest Lifers,

I recently acquired a few new items at a great price! I get so excited when I find things for a steal! Today, I am going to share my finds.

This sale is going on right now!

As you know we are living on a budget, with two small kids of different genders it can be challenging to keep them clothed for what we consider a reasonable price. I try to purchase clothes at the end of the season for the upcoming year, but every now and then I find a great sale that I don’t have to wait a year to put to use.
Children’s Place had an 80% off sale! I strongly recommend subscribing to store email lists if you want to stay up to date on their sales. I do get a number of emails from children’s clothing stores regularly and I typically delete them, but 80% off was worth checking out. As it turned out I was looking for outfits for the kids to wear to Drew’s 30th birthday party and I found exactly what I needed.

I bought our little princess two dresses (we go to church regularly and she needed more church clothes.) for $14.00 I can hardly purchase one dress for that amount so I consider this a win. One dress is a little big but that means she will be able to wear it later in the year. I try not by an exact fit, they grow so fast they only wear things once or twice if I don’t buy them a little big.

I purchased a pair of black chinos for the little guy for $7.47 which is decent, the shorts were 50% off. I let him wear shorts to church in the summer, because it is just too hot to put full suits on him so I will definitely get my money’s worth out of them. I bought an 18-24 months even though he could fit a 12-18 perfectly, because with the elastic they will stay up and he can wear them longer.

I did something I don’t do often, I bought myself two pairs of sandals. I have been in need of sandals for about two years, I just wouldn’t break down and buy them. Charming Charlie, one of my FAVORITE stores had a 50% off sale so I got myself two pairs of sandals for the price of one. I had been watching one pair for a couple of months, I just couldn’t convince myself to spend $25 on one pair of sandals, but when they went on sale I knew it was time to get them.

I made sure to get neutral colors so I can wear both pairs often, I also didn’t pick anything that would cost more than the original pair would have prior to the sale to make sure it was still a reasonable purchase. In the end I spent $25.05 including tax and shipping which the original price of the pair of shoes I fell in love with prior to the sale.

This is how I buy brand new clothes without breaking our budget. I am on the mailing list for a number of stores and I only buy clothes when they are on sale (a sale to me is 50% or more). I buy clothes when they go on clearance at the end of the season. Everything isn’t name brand and I buy clothes that will last a while. These are my tricks for not breaking our budget, do you have any tips? If so, share them in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by, check back on Thursday for my weekly recipe post.

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