Welcome to Our Modest Life

I just wanted to take a minute to introduce you to our family. We are a family of four. We live in the South and we enjoy mild winters and blazing summers. We are always chasing our dreams and learning new things.


Drew is the bread winner, he works as an I.T. guy and pharmacy tech to provide for our needs. He is also a wonderful husband and amazing father. I truly could not have chosen a better husband. He loves music, art, food, and his family.  Did I mention that he is fine, because he really is.


I am Jasmyne wife and momtreprenuer. I am the primary writer for Our Modest Life. I take care of our little wild things each day. I also manage our budget and household. I am passionate about good food, great books, health, learning, good music, and mi familia!

Trinity  4 y.o.

Trinity is our princess and wild thing number one. She loves dancing, playing dress-up, singing, helping mommy cook, and taking pictures. She has a sunny disposition that truly brightens our home. She is a daddy’s girl in every since of the phrase and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Avery 1 y.o.

Avery, or wild thing number two is an introverted little man. He is bursting with energy and loves to climb, sing, and dance. Avery is his happiest self when he is eating. He has a great love for the great outdoors and “mommy nuggles” at bedtime.

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